Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to the new Teleperformance UK blog.

I know that a lot of companies have been using social media for a few years now and for many different reasons. At Teleperformance, we have all used it as individuals, but now we are coordinating efforts to make it more effective for the business.

The blog will serve as a platform for me – and others from the company – to voice opinions, give our views on the industry and what we think about what is going on, what is in the news, and just what we think is important.

A LinkedIn group will allow everyone from inside and outside the company to paste news stories in one place, talk about them, and just kick around some ideas about how to improve the marketplace we work within. And of course, some of you know that I am on Twitter too. I started using it quite a while ago, but just recently started putting some more effort into understanding how all that chatter can be useful for our business. I’ll make that another blog post in the near future perhaps.

In the meantime, this is your opportunity to get closer to Teleperformance UK, whether you work for us, are a client of ours, or are even part of the competition – we are all in a fast-moving industry together so lets share some ideas online. Please join the LinkedIn group, follow me on Twitter, and share this blog with your contacts, and feel free to comment! It’s all about engagement, so let’s have a conversation.

The short link for this blog is just : j.mp/tpuk

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