How does chatting on Twitter make any business sense?

As airlines increasingly add Internet and phone services to their flights, the golf course is rapidly becoming the only place where the use of electronic gadgets is banned. But when I am on the golf course, the conversation often turns to our increasing reliance on gadgets and communication forms such as social media.

I admit that I am a recent convert to Twitter, but now I find it an incredibly useful communication tool. When I try to talk about Twitter to my golf mates they laugh about the ‘having cottage cheese for lunch today’ updates that say nothing about anything.

Of course, I have a communications team working here at Teleperformance and they have done all kinds of research and analysis into various social networks and what we might get as a company from each one, but here are a few of my own thoughts:

  • Twitter is controlled by you. You don’t need to read about what Jonathan Ross had for lunch today. If someone you are following is not interesting then you can stop following that person.
  • By following people you know or trust, you are really created a self curated stream of interesting news. I can now look at my timeline and see what the best business writers and analysts in the world are saying, often before they publish anything in their journals. It’s like a newspaper with all my favourite writers, analysts, experts, and executives.
  • I can directly interact with all those people, and if I have something interesting to say then they will probably respond.

Think about Twitter as a filter on all the online conversations taking place right now and the value becomes clearer. Right now, there are around 350 million tweets published everyday.

And some of them are interesting and don’t just detail lunch recipes.

Playing REAL Miniature Golf

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