What are the differences in global contact centres?

There have been a number of press stories recently about contact centres shifting back from offshore locations such as India, to the UK.

Customer service using contact centres is now an essential part of the way business works today. Consumers expect to be able to reach a company at any time and through any channel and get a consistent message and quality of service, however with the globalisation of businesses many contact centres are now located in either onshore, nearshore, or offshore locations – and in some cases in all three!

At Teleperformance we operate in over 50 countries and with 120,000 employees, so we know the relative benefits of onshore, nearshore and offshore locations. We do our own research and we compare metrics in a quantitative fashion to see how consumers react to the way our agents operate – we endlessly try to improve those interactions.

At the moment I am exploring the subtle differences in English language voice services from Egypt, the Philippines, South Africa, and India. They are all places with highly skilled English-speaking people and I’m really interested in what the online community thinks about the relative differences between these locations.

What do you think are the key differences in voice-based services delivered from these regions?

Let’s kick off a debate;  you can comment here, use Twitter to reach Alistair, or chat inside our LinkedIn group – I look forward to the debate.
aafad 167/365 call centre-kun

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