Ecommerce – it’s tough at the top

It’s a tough job being an eCommerce Head these days. More and more shoppers are choosing the online channel because of convenience, advancement of online offerings by retailers – and cost, getting to the high street and parking is expensive!

The last two or three years have been tough, with not many pounds or dollars to spend. Thrift has been the order of the day. So eCommerce managers are faced with getting the Return on Investment (ROI) from online investments quickly and at the same time they need to focus on their top Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of increasing online conversions.

Basically, to make more sales from the same, or fewer, visitors to the website.

With brand loyalty and the use of various available tools – such as search engine optimisation, pay per click, online marketing – they can get ‘prospects and suspects’ to their websites. Converting them to customers is an art, and science, which not many have perfected.

With huge drop-out rates at the first page – analyst friends tell me it hovers around 30 per cent – and shopping cart – 65 to 75 per cent – servicing a prospect once they are on the website is a challenge and a huge opportunity as well.

Think about this. Your bricks and mortar shops have sales assistants to assist the walk-in customers. Does your online channel have online sales assistants? Though both of them are sales channels they are distinct in their own rights.

Online is 24/7 while shops are usually 9 to 5 – or roundabout the end of the business day. Both of them need a customised customer services programme suited to their characteristics. With challenges like these, it’s a good thing there are tools and technologies available these days to create an online sales assistant.

Retailers not thinking in a more sophisticated way about their online store and checkout could be missing out on a huge number of orders without ever realising it.
Packers Display in Art Store Window

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