Taking customers on a journey

The speed of change in the way we communicate with each other and the  organisations around us has meant a significant shift away from the traditional focus on ‘Customer Service’ and the embracing of an overall ‘Customer Experience’. Customers don’t think about service in terms of KPIs and neither should we.

Customers expect more than a stereotypical or scripted response. They want to engage with organizations, to express an opinion, and have greater control of the outcomes.

At Teleperformance we are at the front end of this journey. Organisations look to partners like us to enable great communication and an enhanced experience for their customers.

We think of this in terms of an engagement model, where we initially work with organizations to map out the journey a customer takes with them. It’s important to understand the touch-points and to develop a plan that leads to positive experiences along the way – and makes the customer feel valued.

This is what you might expect from us anyway. Our business is making customer service work better, so even in a fast-moving landscape we spend a lot of time designing a road map for the client that aims to improve future customer experiences.

However, the future will be entirely driven by the customer and most have ever-increasing demands. Sometimes what the customer wants does not fit into the framework of how an organization had planned to interact, so I’m keen to get your views on what hasn’t really worked in the past few years and what you think is best practice.

What do you think the customer experience landscape will look like even just three years from now? Three years might not sound like a long horizon, but look back to 2008 and who would have imagined just how much the world was going to change in that time? I’m working on some ideas that explore how customer demands are going to shape the entire experience of contacting an organization and I’d really like to get your views, thoughts, and predictions too.
Steel Sunset

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