From one place to another…

Julia mentioned in the last blog about the importance of partnership and how a company like ours can benefit from our scale – allowing us to rise to pretty much any challenge.

I wanted to add an additional note to her blog because there is also an international dimension. Teleperformance is present in over fifty countries. Sometimes a location will be servicing several other countries and sometimes it will be serving only local clients, but this global footprint gives us some additional flexibility that local customer service operators don’t enjoy.

Take for example the Arab spring earlier this year when the government in Egypt decided to switch off the Internet to the entire country. In situations like this, we are able to divert work to other locations.

Of course, this is an extreme example. Nobody expects the telephone lines and Internet for an entire country to just be turned off overnight, but it is precisely because these unexpected events sometimes do happen that our ability to deliver from a global network is so valuable.

The Egypt example was a government action, but throughout 2008 there were many major disruptions to national Internet services because of submarine cables being damaged – you don’t need the government to shut down your data supply. It could just happen by accident.

The customer service function of any major organisation is now extremely complex and often global, encompassing various languages, laws, regulations, and time zones. The last thing executives want to deal with is complete national power or data outages so I believe that our ability to operate in such an international way gives us a great advantage in a twenty-first century business environment.
Submarine Cable Crossing

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