Is social media reinventing customer service?

This is a blog, and Teleperformance is focused on customer service, so it’s no surprise to see that I have written a few times on how social media and networking are changing the way customers expect service to be provided.

We are now in a world where social media channels are rapidly becoming a necessity – and the norm – in terms of customer engagement. How we all communicate is evolving and is being driven by a more mobile and reactive generation.

But, how is this behaviour affecting your customer service proposition?

A panel of experts will explore all this convergence of social media, mobile technologies, and customer service at an event we are hosting at the Berkeley hotel in London on October 20th, featuring:

  • Lisa Sweeney of PA Consulting – Lisa is a Senior Manager with exceptional experience in customer service and business transformation. She brings a strong business focus to the use of technology across multi channels having had responsibility for operational performance of contact centres and field operations.
  • Shaun Hewitt of Virgin Media – Shaun is responsible for developing new and emerging channels of communication at Virgin Media. He has over ten years experience within the contact centre industry and eight years within Customer Management. He has a great passion for helping organisations to genuinely improve the way they manage customers and a real appetite for innovating how that experience is managed using new technologies, social media and channels to market.
  • Keith Robinson of ECOMDigital – Keith is a specialist, and inspiring thought leader on building successful online communities. His many achievements include being founder of Personnel Today magazine and part of a highly successful management team that revived the fortunes of making it the market leader it is today. Keith is currently founder and Chief Networking Officer at SiteAdvisor Group and Director of ECOMDigital.

Our UK and South Africa CEO, Alistair Niederer, will be chairing the event and the blogger, writer, and analyst, Mark Hillary, will chair a Q&A with the main speakers.

It’s going to be a breakfast meeting (8.30am to 11.30am) packed full of debate and experience on this topic, and will be especially interesting to those with a responsibility for customer services.

Save the date and contact me if you want more information or want to reserve a place at the event:

Direct line: 0117 915 6621
Social Network

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5 Responses to Is social media reinventing customer service?

  1. Mark Hillary says:

    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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