Firth in debt: leading the UK in collections

I talked in my earlier blog about collections and what it means for companies as a business process. I want to expand a little on what we are doing about improving the collections business in the UK right now.

In 2009, we acquired Leeds-based collection agency IMFS. This summer, IMFS was completely rebranded as ‘Teleperformance collections’, to bring the team closer into our global family of services.

Denise Crossley, Managing Director of Teleperformance Collections, is a very well known figure in the debt collections industry, having spent more than 30 years managing and developing debt collection agencies.

Denise said: “Having the support and confidence of the world’s largest contact centre company is a wonderful validation of the people and systems at Teleperformance Collections.” She added: “The Teleperformance group is less well known in the debt collections industry in the UK, but all that is beginning to change.”

I’m the head of sales and, like Denise, I have over 30 years experience in this market. I have previously worked with Denise and can think of no better person to lead the growth and development of the company. Her commitment to both clients and her people is unparalleled, and the position of Teleperformance Collections at the head of our client’s panel tables speaks volumes.

Collections in the UK are improving, professionalising, and clients need people with experience and expertise. I know that clients refuse to risk their reputation by contracting with debt collection agencies that are non-compliant – and who can blame them?

I don’t mean to make my blog entry sound like a sales pitch, but it’s an exciting time as we grow this area of our business and I can see that our clients love our approach and the fact that we have the support of a global customer service giant.

I’d like to use the blog to hear about your ideas or suggestions for the industry. What do you think is good about collections in the UK compared to other regions, or what needs to improve? Please comment here or message me on Twitter…

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About Mark Firth

Experienced Early Arrears and Debt collection professional with 30 years experience in both Consumer and Commercial arenas. Working with the major Global contact centre and collections company to extend the collection platform on a National and Worldwide basis. Development of unique market breaking debt solutions and innovative collection platforms. Specialties in Banking and Credit Card Finance, Motor Finance, Telecoms, Utilities Leisure,Media and Logistics debt recovery
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