Has Facebook gone too far this time?

Has Facebook blundered by releasing their new timeline feature and making the information they own about you so clearly visible?

People have complained for years about Facebook. The noise has grown as the tool has become more entrenched in the enterprise. It has long grown beyond the remit of being a teenager’s plaything. Now major ad campaigns are launched within Facebook and customer service takes place on brand forums.

This has often led privacy advocates to suggest that Facebook has too much information on the individual, but it has always been hard to really know what they know about you, until now…

The new timeline feature looks incredible; visually it is a richer experience to view the profile of a friend – or yourself – because there is a mix of chronological with relevant information.

Take a look at the maps function. Every bar, restaurant, or office you have ever checked into on Facebook Places is mapped out, making your home or office location fairly obvious to all.

And the timeline itself demonstrates that anything you have ever said on Facebook has been stored away. Want to know what you were doing three years ago? Just spin the timeline back there to find out what you said on your profile then…

The privacy debate has always balanced on the need of brands to know and understand their customer – not just to sell more, but even to just support and offer better service – with the need to keep personal details personal.

Now the extent to which Facebook has stored all over your personal data for all time, creating the ‘mass observation’ history book of the future is going to be on display to all. Will there be a flight from Facebook? I doubt it, but they are taking a big chance with this new version…

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