Teleperformance takes gold in F&S awards

In the customer service industry there are awards for everything. Sometimes it feels like there is an award ceremony taking place every week, hosted by journals you have never even heard of.

But when a major global research and consulting firm like Frost & Sullivan holds their annual awards focused on industry best practice, you know that it’s an honour to end up on the shortlist.

Then to actually win and be named the best contact centre company in the EMEA region for 2011 is just terrific recognition for a lot of hard work by a lot of people. Frost & Sullivan have just lavished Teleperformance with praise for demonstrating leadership in our industry, innovating, improving services, and having a strategy for the future.

I don’t need to go out praising my own company and drafting a sales pitch for my next meeting with a potential client when respected analysts go out there doing for me!

I am grateful to Frost & Sullivan for recognising what we do. The competition in this market is very tough and customer service is an environment that is constantly changing. Consumer expectations change over time so people like us need to be always evaluating how to improve before our customers have even asked us to.

Thanks everyone, now let’s focus on retaining the prize in 2012!
Gold Medal Park

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