Many changes ahead…

It was exciting to see our social media event reported in the Huffington Post. Alistair is even quoted in the story. And these days, the HuffPo is the third most widely read news provider in the world – after the New York Times and Daily Mail.

As we talked about the sweeping changes expected in the customer service space at our event, I could see many other changes that will be forced on companies and Alistair even touches on this in his quote.

Blogging has entirely shaken up the newspaper and media business with upstarts like HuffPo taking all their readers and Craigslist taking all the classified adverts. But many other departments within companies are getting shaken just as violently.

Cloud-based tools make it simple to setup company infrastructure that used to be expensive and difficult to configure. Now you can setup Gmail for your email, Google Docs for office automation and sharing, Skype for communications, Dropbox for storage, and LinkedIn for networking. And almost all these tools are free.

What happens to HR if LinkedIn and Odesk can handle recruitment? Public relations if Twitter can be used to contact journalists, marketing if Google Adwords let you target people during searches… the list goes on.

I’m not suggesting that every department has suddenly become redundant – strategy, governance, and controls are still needed even if all the tools change. But with such sweeping possibilities now available, it is not just the customer service function that will see radical changes in the near future.

Companies are about to be reshaped.

1975: And the Changes To Come

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