Focused on the social

We hosted our event on social media and customer service recently in London and it was a tremendous success.

I know that you might expect me to say this, but I looked at the feedback forms and I can honestly say that I have not seen such good feedback for a similar event.

We listened to the experiences of PA Consulting, Virgin Media, and ECOM Digital and there was a distinct feeling as the morning went on that we were all participating in a sea change – customer services will never be the same again.

The Virgin Media talk was fascinating. The level of personalisation of the service is incredible. A customer who lost his cable TV service was compensated with some free Jason Statham movie credits… they already knew that the customer was a fan.

ECOM Digital talked about recruitment. They connected the way you handle customer service to the way you interact with potential new staff – it was incredible to think of recruitment in this way.

PA Consulting connected the dots. It’s not just customer service that is changing, but that’s our area of focus here at Teleperformance!

We plan to repeat this event soon in Edinburgh. I hope that if you missed the one in London, you can join us in Scotland. Once a date and location is confirmed, I’m sure it will be right here on the blog…
social crm

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