More prizes for the Teleperformance team

Are awards really like buses? You wait ages for one to come along, and then suddenly several come along together?

Just last week we mentioned here that this blog has been shortlisted as the best new blog of 2011. That’s something we never really expected as we only started publishing this blog in the middle of the year, but it is nice to see that we are being noticed.

By the way, voting for that award closes *today* so please click here to go and show support for us. There is no registration needed so it only takes a few seconds to vote.

Now, Marketing Magazine has us shortlisted as the best Contact Centre Agency of the year – the winner being announced on December 14th. Of course, with this being directly related to the service we provide it is perhaps more valuable than being awarded the best blog – but please do continue to vote for us on the blog award as that one needs public votes to decide the winner.

And just last week we were part of a team that won an award for collection services at the Credit Today awards. This is really special for the team as we expanded the collections service during 2011 and really focused on making our service the best in the UK. We were part of the TDX ‘Team Pioneer’ that helped TDX win in the innovation of the year category.

Awards don’t replace the need to provide great service to our customers, but it does show that people in the industry – and the media who watch over us – recognise that we do our job really well.


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