Your contact centre is a critical part of the business

The problems faced by HomeServe this week demonstrate just how valuable your customer service team really is. We have moved a long way from the days that customer service and the contact centre was bolted on as an afterthought – and was just a cost to the business.

In this case, HomeServe – which offers insurance against burst pipes and central heating systems – was struggling with a flood of claims this year because of the terrible weather last winter. The claims were dealt with poorly, leading to a huge number of complaints. Now all the agent scripts have to be completely reviewed – and all outbound marketing has been scrapped until after the review.

Even with a 10% increase in pre-tax profit for the past year, the company is facing a hit on expected business next year because they can’t engage in marketing at present and shares have recently dived.

Clearly what HomeServe actually does works well – they would not be growing profits if they were not supplying a service that is valued, but this disaster with the customer service team shows that a great team can make your company money, but a poor team can cost hard cash in mistakes and complaints.

Burst water main in Blackshaws Rd

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