The customer is not always right has collected together their funniest customer service stories of 2011. It’s a typical collection of howlers and mistakes that show just how badly some customers can be treated – all in the name of service.

A personal favourite of mine is the delivery driver who delivered a curtain pole through a letterbox because the customer was not in, only to find that the pole had speared the family dog!

What some of these disasters show is that quite often it is the customer who is entirely wrong and arguing an entirely indefensible point. The example of the customer trying to return a dishwasher because the plates don’t spin is a case in point.

The customer is not always right, though we have often been led to believe that good customer service comes only from believing the opposite. Good service and training should kick in to manage the customers who are being difficult and the customers who are clueless.

People complaining about food that they managed to eat, but still want a refund for, are generally making unreasonable demands, but with training a great customer service team can learn when to listen and how best to respond to some of these demands.

Refund & Recycle Team Work @ Roskilde '09

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