A Social Education

Many business leaders often argue that academia takes years to catch up with the real world. Many graduates spend a long time searching for a new job, not just because the economy is so weak, but also because their courses don’t really prepare them for life at work.

Obviously genuine work experience is the best way to get a job, but it’s a Catch-22 situation. How do you get that first job and build out your work experience if your qualifications are seen as more academic than practical?

So it’s interesting to see the new degree course that Leicester Business School at De Montfort University has just launched, the BA (Hons) Digital Marketing and Social Media.

What could be more current than that?

IBM is helping the university with information from the real world, ensuring that the course remains relevant. Recent research by IBM shows that 82 per cent of marketing heads plan to increase their use of social media to market their companies in the next three to five year, but only 26 per cent of them are actually doing any blog or social media tracking today.

This sounds like a great initiative. It’s clear to anyone with a connection to marketing that the entire process is changing and becoming far more social. If a university can give graduates the guidance to study how this works in detail – rather than just assuming they understand digital marketing because they are on Facebook – then it is an initiative to be applauded.

Canal by long exposure

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  1. Daniella green says:

    Hello, I’m enquiring about a job vacancy, can you email me back with detail on how to do this.

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