Final Service… can live streaming help customer service?

I was interested to see that a crematorium in Stafford has started offering online funerals. The funeral takes place as normal, but they have a live streaming service so people who cannot attend can watch live on the Internet.

It sounds a little bizarre, but it is actually a nice demonstration of how a cheap technology solution can greatly improve a service to customers.

Just think of how many other services could benefit from such a simple addition to the normal service. Child crèches and nurseries, dog kennels, even churches or other venues offering services that some people may want to attend, but can’t make it. In all cases, just having that live oversight on the service makes a tremendous difference, and could even be a service that sets one provider apart from the competition.

And live streaming is now so easy and cheap – if you have a wifi connection already then it’s free! Have you ever seen Ustream or any similar sites? They allow you to broadcast live direct from a computer or phone without any expense, without complex software and systems… just switch it on and you can go.

Of course, live streaming like this is not just useful for remotely watching funerals, marriages, or your dog playing around at the kennel. There are times when any organisation would find it useful to broadcast something live to their customers – even the most corporate B2B type organisation.

I have been thinking a lot about how we can get more value from the industry events we arrange. Perhaps some of the content could be live streamed for viewers, with a recording made and published for those who are interested, but too late for the live event.

What do you think?

TV Camera

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