Spending on social media to increase in 2012

First off, let me wish all my blog readers, partners, clients, colleagues, and friends out there on the Internet a great 2012. I hope you enjoyed the holiday season, but now it’s time to get things going again.

At Teleperformance we are going straight ahead with something new right from next week – our event at the historic Edinburgh castle focused on how social media is changing customer service. You can read Julia’s blog to get more detail on the event, but this subject is something we are all going to be hearing more about in 2012.

During the holiday period I noticed a new report from the Royal Bank of Scotland detailing that they believe nine out of ten companies will either maintain their present spending on social media or they will increase it. That’s an enormous vote of support for social media as a communication medium.

The same study found that 90% of firms are planning to either freeze their marketing spend, or to only increase it by no more than 5% – with the popularity of social media partly being that it can be used as a great way to communicate with consumers. It’s low cost and can work better than traditional methods, if you get the right advice and use it effectively.

Of course, having a great customer service team is the first step on keeping existing customer happy and more and more consumers are now expecting some kind of social channel as a way of interacting with brands. I’m sure that far beyond our January event, the way customer services is evolving will be a topic that we will keep returning to here on the blog.

Reflecting on a New Year in Chicago

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