Exploring customer service in Edinburgh

Last week we managed to get a fantastic group of people together in Edinburgh to debate how social media is changing customer service. I want to send a belated message of thanks to everyone who was involved in speaking, attending, and helping to organise the event.

We heard Lisa Sweeney from PA Consulting set the scene with an introduction to how social media is changing the expectation of customers, then Paul Hughes from o2 described how he faces customer requests everyday using online tools such as Twitter and Facebook. Paul’s team has to manage hundreds of online enquiries everyday and know what to ignore, what to engage with, and what to take offline.

Mark Hillary then focused on the way that the process of customer service is changing, for example how it was easier to plan, control, and channel customers before they had this expectation for you to find them and what they are saying. Mark also gave some good examples of C-level executives actively engaging with the online community – including me!

It was a great event and you can go to see the speaker slides here. I’m sure that we will be following this with some further events focused on a similar theme. The crowd was excellent and kept the debate going with some very detailed questions – they really grilled the panellists, but what could be better than discussing the future of work in such an environment as Edinburgh Castle anyway?

Keep watching my blog posts because I’m sure that as soon as we plan something similar, I will get the details on here.

Downtown Edinburgh
Photo by John Mueller licensed under Creative Commons

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