Government customers demand Corporate Social Responsibility

In the last couple of years Teleperformance government customers have become more and more engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and demanding that their key suppliers are also involved.

Teleperformance has delivered a worldwide CSR policy and programme for many years – examples include participation in the global Earth day, World water day, monitoring our carbon use, and many local initiatives such as cleaning beaches and even building new homes.

Teleperformance are aware of our responsibility to reduce the impact that our business has on the environments that we operate in. We help and support the communities in which we are present through our “Citizen of the World” (COTW) initiatives, and assume responsibility of protecting nature and lessening our impact on the environment with our “Citizen of the Planet” (COTP) actions which are focused on carbon footprint reductions.

We also support the United Nations global initiatives to respect human rights, provide quality labour standards, protect the environment, and support anti-corruption practices.

This joined up global approach to our CSR allows Teleperformance to create a greater impact on the projects and initiatives we support. More than 11.5 million lives in all world regions have been positively affected by our CSR programmes since their initial inception. We employ dedicated CSR co-ordinators to help lead and develop initiatives, the co-ordinators work alongside our employees identifying and establishing which areas of our business can provide social or environmental benefits. Once identified the co-ordinators work to establish programmes of events to set these plans into action.

Teleperformance UK is also signed up to two major government initiatives:

The back to work programmes involve Teleperformance working with A4e, Working Links, Remploy, and others, on tailored pre-employment training programmes for the unemployed to provide high quality candidates to meet the needs of our business and to provide opportunities for the long term unemployed.

Our back to work programmes provide benefits to the unemployed in our local communities through offering sustainable employment, whilst at the same time providing training and the relevant skills to help further their careers – the benefit to Teleperformance is the access to a ready skilled labour force, trained specifically for our business requirements.

Back to work schemes offer the long term unemployed basic skills development, assistance in searching for the right role within our business from the vacancies on offer, assistance with CV and job applications, in work support once a position is secured, up-skilling through support for taking vocational qualifications, career progression and a fully managed service through our partners – keeping in touch with those who secure work on a week by week basis.

It may be government customers who are most interested in CSR, but at Teleperformance we include social responsibility in all areas of our business.


Photo by Richard McKeever licensed under Creative Commons

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