Customer service the way you want it

Alistair and me both featured in a Sunday Telegraph special supplement on outsourcing published last month. The print version of the newspaper went out a few weeks ago, but they have just put the supplement up on the web for online readers. You can find it here, and our smiling faces can be found on page 14.

The article gives a whistle-stop tour through some of the changes we are seeing as social media becomes more important in the customer experience market, but reading it now there is one comment I noticed that made me think again

I had mentioned that a company might never know that they are losing out by not monitoring for online complaints and compliments. Perhaps I did not emphasise this enough.

Customers really expect to be heard when they are broadcasting their views about a product or service and in many cases people are now finding it easier to use Twitter or Facebook to ask a question than to wait on a phone call or wade through pages of online help information.

I have done this myself recently when trying to reach the Royal Mail. A comprehensive guide to every mail service is already on their website, but I didn’t have much time so I just tweeted a question. They came back with the answer within minutes. I was happy and had not even had to search for the information myself – I was signposted to exactly the right place.

Customers who don’t get answers when they ask questions about a product will just broadcast their dissatisfaction instead.

postbox in the snow

Photo licensed under Creative Commons by Phoenix Dark Knight.

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