What is a Tweetup?

At Teleperformance we are always exploring how the world of customer service is evolving. In the past couple of years social customer service has been one of the most fundamental changes to the industry, often turning normal helpline service on its head.

Over the past year, we have hosted several events focused on helping people to understand what all this means for the development of better customer service and we will be running a workshop in London on May 1st that explores the issue in more depth – more on that coming soon from Julia.

But we wanted to also reach out to the people who are really shaping the online community – the bloggers and Twitter ‘power users’ – to ask them how they think the entire social web will develop in the next few years. This is critically important, as customers are becoming more demanding and far more vocal.

With this in mind, I’m pleased to say that Teleperformance is supporting the 14th Ealing Tweetup in London this July. The Ealing Tweetup is one of the biggest gatherings of social media users in London, attracting a wide range of business and political bloggers.

Recent Tweetups have seen Twitter users such as the Deputy Mayor of London, several MPs, and journalists from the BBC and FT. There is a diverse mix of people from various industries and we are really looking forward to meeting them to swap ideas on how this growth in the social web will change customer service in future.

If you want more details on the Tweetup, including registration, please click here…

Ealing Tweetup Feb 2011 with Biblecode Sundays

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