A new era for customer service

As you can see from our group blog, our new e-Performance product was launched recently in Brazil. There are various launches planned around the world, with us in the UK focusing on a workshop we have arranged in London on May 1.

The product itself is a modular set of tools that will help our clients move to a new level of customer engagement. Customer service today is so much more sophisticated than just offering a contact centre with voice and email support – these days many customers will expect support, but they won’t ask for it directly.

This leads to the new problem of being able to monitor and analyse what people are saying about a brand online. Our e-Performance tools break into three broad areas:

Buzz monitoring; monitoring your brand and seeing if people are saying good or bad things about you.

Insights; analysing the data and connecting it to the customer contact centre team.

Engagement; determining which channel to use, then interacting with your customers.

It is clear that we are not just talking about a more sophisticated customer service function, the interactions previously seen as ‘customer service’ are blending into the marketing and branding of a company. How you handle complaints will soon be merged into how you promote the organisation – perhaps this is already the case in some companies, but very soon it will be true for every large company.

It is fast moving and confusing, which is why we are not just launching ePerformance in London with a party, we are hosting a workshop with some of the best social media advisors in the business. You can hear them talk about this new era of customer service and then spend time working in practical sessions aimed at designing how your customer service function could look in future.

For details of the ePerformance workshop on May 1 in London, please click here (speaker details and case studies coming soon)…

Big Brother...

Photo by Thomas Leuthard licensed under Creative Commons

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