The next generation contact centre

I noticed a short video this week where Ovum analyst Peter Ryan talks about the next generation contact centre. And he also manages to summarise this immense topic in about a minute – something many of us in the industry would love to be able to do.

Peter’s main point was that contact centres are moving gradually away from just offering voice support. That is something we have been observing for many years as email, chat, and SMS have all started being included into the mix.

He mentions that social media is becoming an important component and that it adds yet another channel, allowing the customer another way to interact with the enterprise.

One of the reasons I started taking my own Twitter use more seriously was because I could see that social media would become a customer feedback channel. In many ways it already has, but some brands are still unsure about how best to tap into the flow of information that is out there.

Peter said in the video that the companies who succeed in this very social age of customer service will be the ones that have already explored how social media changes the nature of customer service and have planned for the future. There are two angles to this, offering corporate solutions and new structures for customer service (like our own e-Performance offering), but also the more simple measure of ensuring that any team members with an involvement in customer service actually get online.

If you are in this business and still avoiding the social web then how can you truly understand what customers are expecting today – and tomorrow?

Akihabara Street

Photo by Trey Ratcliff licensed under Creative Commons

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