What are the standard KPIs for social customer service?

When a service provider – like Teleperformance – takes on the customer service function for one of our clients, one of the most important aspects of the deal that has to be agreed is the choice of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The KPIs are the measurements that operate like a car dashboard – important measures of the service quality that allow both us – and the client – to monitor how things are going. Typical measures in the contact centre might include first call resolution, the total cost of ownership, or customer satisfaction.

These are all well-established measures. When clients come to us they often know exactly how they would like to monitor the relationship and if they are not sure then we can suggest ideas because we operate customer service centres in 49 countries.

These standard KPIs are not just important for the customer, they are essential for us because we can only price a service and supply the right team members when we know the levels of service the customer expects.

But we know that customer service is moving beyond the contact centre alone and into the social web. Agents are transforming into analysts, capable of monitoring the online buzz around a client’s brand and even intervening to handle complaints that have never been officially made on any established customer service channel.

We have just launched our own ePerformance product, which offers buzz monitoring, analysis, and engagement online, but the KPIs are very different now because every client has a different idea of what they want to achieve online – some see it as marketing spend, some believe that it is essential to be on the social networks to support and service customers.

I am working now with several clients on their social strategy, but it seems that because this area is still so new, there are no standard KPIs that clients are asking for.

What do you believe would be the most important KPI for a client adding social media support to their existing voice and email customer service channel?

modular garage panels alignment and measurement DSCN1967

Photo by Dr John Bullas licensed under Creative Commons

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