How do you measure the return on investment in social media?

As a company that is known for our expertise in contact centres and the customer experience, it is no surprise that we have been heavily involved in exploring how social media is changing the way customers interact with brands.

We are now managing the social media element of customer service for many of our clients, but the whole idea of social customer experience is still quite a new concept – many companies are only just realising that it is becoming an essential place for them to interact with customers.

We have run several conferences over the past six months exploring how this is changing and why it is important, but on May 1st we are hosting an event that will move the debate on and explore exactly how you can get a return on investment in social media. This is of course the biggest problem for many customer service managers – how can investment in social media be justified when it is hard to measure the impact of all that Twitter monitoring?

Of course, once customer service goes social there is the additional complexity of the marketing department getting involved in setting the budget – on the social web good customer service is marketing because people use their social networks to recommend your company – or the opposite if they receive poor service.

In this more complex world of customer service it can be hard to determine whose budget should be used for monitoring the social web and how these interactions fit into the normal customer contact centre – so take a look at the agenda we have crafted for our May event. The speakers are some of the best in the industry and there is plenty of time for debate, with interactive workshops scheduled, rather than the typical tired PowerPoint preaching.

I’ll be there – I hope you can join me.

London - Moving Tube London - 550d

Photo by Doug Wheller licensed under Creative Commons

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