The Ealing Tweetup supported by Teleperformance

In my last blog I mentioned our social media event in May, exploring the return on an investment in social media. I would also like to mention an event we are supporting in June focused on engaging with the social media elite in London.

The Ealing Tweetup started out as a small community event early in 2009, aimed at bringing together the people of west London who regularly used Twitter. It was primarily a community event and though it has grown over the years it has retained some of that spirit, meaning that it is not dominated by media or IT people – and there is no organising committee or management making a profit from the event. Any sponsorship goes directly to improving the event – providing live music or food.

If you have never been to a Tweetup, it is essentially just a meeting of people who use Twitter regularly. The one in Ealing has had several years to grow now and so it is one of the largest groups of social media experts in London – but nobody is charging to be there, nobody is making speeches. Everyone can see the list of who will be attending and everyone is welcome.

I’m looking forward to this because I know from watching some of the videos of past Ealing Tweetups that the group of people there is diverse, from industry analysts to journalists to actors, musicians, and orchestra managers. What connects them is that they are all actively using social media in their work and so that gives us a unique opportunity to interact and find out from the power users just how best to make social media work for us.

If you are on Twitter and in London then why not join us at the event on July 25th? All the details are here and if you are concerned that Ealing is a long way from central London then don’t worry – trains from Paddington station are frequent and only take seven minutes to get there.

Ealing Studios / sign

Photo by George Rex licensed under Creative Commons

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