Seeking ROI from your investment in social media?

Next week I’m speaking at an event we are hosting in London focused on how to get an ROI from your investment in social media – the focus of my workshop is the enhancement of customer experience. It’s a topic we have talked about often on the blog and the recent release of our e-Performance product just highlights how seriously we are taking this topic.

The e-Performance product breaks into three main areas:

Buzz monitoring

  • Configuring what you want to monitor, setting keywords and collecting the data.
  • Refining the data and performing sentiment analysis to see if customers are saying good or bad things about your brand.


  • Analysing the brand image based on the data collected.
  • Finding who is satisfied and who is not – and why.
  • Improving first-call resolution by using the data to optimise interactions with customers.


  • Determining the best channel to use to interact with customers.
  • Analysing why customers contact you and which channels they are using.
  • Reporting on interactions.

There is a lot more information on our website and we are organizing more events and workshops as e-Performance rolls out globally. Customer service is a fast-moving industry so it is hard to keep on top of every development, but I am sure that as we discuss this in the workshop there will be new views and thoughts on how customers can use it.

I believe we are using our expertise to stay ahead of the market. Social media remains a far smaller market than voice calls to a contact centre, but this small market is growing rapidly and younger consumers prefer the social web to the telephone – more than half of all mobile phone use today is data rather than voice, so the world is changing.

Tools like e-Performance allow our customers to also be ready for a change in customer behaviour when it happens.

Internet Splat Map

Photo by Steve Jurvetson licensed under Creative Commons

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