Why would you read a blog that is just an advert with no value?

Since social networking became widespread just a few short years ago, companies have been exploring how to increase their profile using this tool. There have been some incredible viral videos with very subtle branding – like the famous man dancing all over the world one, actually sponsored by a chewing gum company though you never see the product in the video.

But the social web is an interconnected world in which people don’t care about your brand unless it has something interesting to say to them. There are so many advisors and social media specialists out there plotting the next viral video, yet the truth is that for a company to be noticed by a mass audience it has to be saying something interesting.

Perhaps that’s easy for a company like Coca Cola. Everyone knows who they are, the product is for sale all over the world and the brand is well known. But what about less visible companies or the B2B sector – like Teleperformance – who only sell to other companies, not direct to consumers?

The rule about being interesting still applies. If you scroll back through this blog, you can see that we don’t just advertise what we are trying to sell. We do try to have a genuine discussion about our industry and the customer experience in general.

Can you imagine if we ran a blog that was just a rolling advert? Who would read it or ever think to pass it on to their colleagues?

But by shifting the nature of corporate communications away from standard and prepared press releases or adverts to thought leadership and opinion, there is less control – you can give feedback here or on Twitter or Facebook. Communication is no longer a one-way street.

We are going to be exploring the risks involved in brands using social media at our event next week in London for our clients and prospects. Watch this space for our feedback after the event.  

Joan Holloway in a gorgeous blue dress - Fashion of Mad Men

Photo by Deirdre Boyer licensed under Creative Commons

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