Lessons from our social media ROI event last week

Our social media event in London last week was a tremendous success. Our focus was on exploring the return on investment companies are finding and the day was packed full of information. Just look at what some of those present wrote on the feedback forms:

  • The best event I have ever been to of this type
  • Fantastic event and speakers
  • Really enjoyed the day and took a lot away with me
  • Fabulous! Well done!  It truly was a first class, informative and interesting day with superb speakers
  • The conference was really great – we have a lot of inspiration

What also really worked well this time was the #tpsocmed hashtag. In the run up to the event, the hashtag was fairly quiet – really just talking about the event itself – but on the day it was packed full of comment and information and ended up as a fascinating collection of comment on social media ROI.

We are already planning a follow up event that will be even more focused on the value of social media for October this year. In the meantime, here are the key takeaways I personally got from the event.

  • Law can be interesting! Let’s face it, usually legal presentations are a little bit dry, but there is so much untested law around social media (is a retweet an endorsement? Are you an individual or representing your company online) that it becomes a really fascinating area to discuss. Thank you to the team at DAC Beachcroft for their contribution and insight.
  • Social is not like adding email to voice – it’s not just another channel. Customer service is being completely changed by integrating a social element.
  • It does need to be integrated into existing channels to work well though – there are many things you can do better on the phone than on Twitter.
  • As agents become transparent – publishing customer service comments online – they are effectively marketing your firm. So it will not only be customer service firms offering these services in future. Companies like my own may need to compete with branding agencies for example.
  • Engagement with customers leads to news sales and cost reduction, which are the really interesting measures – rather than number of followers or others specific to a social network.
  • Each firm is measuring ROI in a different way still, so a general concept of social media ROI is still a work in progress.
  • Interesting social models are emerging, like customers supporting other customers without payment, so there are new models emerging that are very interesting and are all driven by the use of the social web.

There was a lot more, but as a quick summary these were the standout points for me. If you attended the event then why not comment and let me know what you took away from the day?
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Photo by Mark Hunter licensed under Creative Commons

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