Paying to post on your Facebook wall

Would you pay to post items on your Facebook wall? Of course for most of us the answer is no, but Facebook has started getting clever about the things you do and don’t see.

When you look at the news feed of all the things your friends are posting, it doesn’t show you everything. It’s really the edited highlights of what your friends are up to. You can choose to follow every single thing some friends are posting by making them ‘close friends’ but everyone I know who has tried that has found they are suddenly flooded with updates to read.

Now Facebook is experimenting by allowing users in New Zealand the opportunity to pay a small amount in return for ensuring their post is promoted to everyone in their friend network.

Kiwi users initially thought it was a scam when Facebook started asking if they wanted to pay cash to promote their wall posts, but they have confirmed that the experiment is genuine.

Of course for most individuals it is not that important that wall posts are promoted, but your news feed is probably a mixture of updates from friends as well as updates from brands you have ‘liked’ in the past.

Many of those brands would love to ensure that their updates get widely distributed to all their fans – not just the ones that the update algorithm decides should see the update.

It’s an interesting experiment, but if every brand started paying to force their updates up your newsfeed then won’t we need to scroll down through pages of corporate updates before ever seeing what our friends are up to?


Photo by West McGowan licensed under Creative Commons

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