Thinking of a social strategy for customer service

Every company is different and every company has a different way of communicating with customers, but in general there are some broad ways of looking at the different social tools that are available.

In this blog I will highlight the steps required to form a full strategy, but it is likely that whatever your business, you will need some kind of blended solution that uses several different social tools – this is just an introduction to give a flavour of how complex the social web really is.

  • A blog; the heart of your online activity, where you post your thoughts and opinions and where you can direct people from the other social networks – highly likely to be integrated into your main corporate website. Use the various content tools like YouTube to make your blog more interesting with photos, video, and audio in addition to the text.
  • Facebook; for building a community of people who like your company or like talking about the industry in which you work. A Facebook page can be particularly useful for recruiting people into your company.
  • LinkedIn; for building leads and finding skills within your own industry. Want to know who has recently joined your main competitor? All this kind of information will be on LinkedIn.
  • Twitter; For promoting your blog posts, listening to what the online community is saying, and engaging in conversation about the topics they start and using your blog posts to create your own discussions.

Every company should be exploring various methods on the social web for interacting with their customers today, and even this simple division into four key areas is only the start of the process. In my next few blogs I will be thinking further about how the various social tools and services can be deployed within the enterprise.
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