A New Award for e-Performance!

I’ve spent the past few months working with several clients who are using our E-Performance suite of tools – our social media toolkit for customer service.

e-Performance has three stages. The first, buzz monitoring, monitors social media opinions, impressions, and feelings regarding a specific topic, company or product. The second, insights, goes deeper than buzz monitoring and crosschecks information with other channels to help companies develop a strategy and action plan. Finally, engagement, which offers key areas of interaction in social media, like managing Facebook and/or Twitter pages and interacting with posts identified in different social media networks.

Many people are trying to get this aspect of customer service right so I’m really proud to say that one of the biggest and most respected global industry analyst firms – Frost & Sullivan – has just given us an award specifically for e-Performance. They just recognized us with their Product Innovation and Visionary Market Positioning award for the e-Performance solution.

Every company in the service sector, particularly in our type of customer experience or technology sector, values what the industry analysts have to say. We all know that our customers look to the analysts for advice on which partner to work with so when positive reports are published based on detailed research by analysts it is always worth mentioning.

Awards from independent industry analysts like this are really important. I can tell you about e-Performance all day, but that’s my job. When independent industry specialists are recommending it as one of the best social media customer service toolkits in the industry then I know that we are doing something right here at TP!

NYC Marathon 2008 - the winner! Brasil

Photo by Marcos Vasconcelos licensed under Creative Commons

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