How do you measure your social media health?

There are various influencer engagement tools out there, but many are seeing their reputation taking a battering. Klout is a good example because many have shown how you can game the system and improve your ‘influencer’ score just be being constantly active online – regardless of whether it is really generating anything of any value to anyone.

This article in Mashable lists nine key areas where you can measure your success within social media, and all these points are valid, but many of them feel very specific to the social web. Measures like share of voice, engagement, interaction all link very strongly to feedback within the social web.

What if you are more interested in how your social media activities are triggering other real-life activities?

Of course this all depends on the type of company you are and how you relate to customers. A branded drink like Coca Cola might see a spike in sales in a particular region if they carry out a social media campaign interacting with customers in that area. That’s a real-life outcome rather than just a few extra followers.

A company that sells only to other companies – B2B in the business jargon – might have other measurements, but they will boil down to either customers or those who influence their customers taking an interest in their social activities – asking for more info, asking for meetings, suggesting a lunch, or even just commenting online and passing on your message, but from an external voice.

Planning how to interact with customer using social tools can be a complex business, but the bottom line really is how would you like to interact with your customer offline?


Photo by Mohammed Nairooz licensed under Creative Commons

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