Buying a camera – do you question the manufacturers?

Cameras are fairly complex pieces of equipment. Of course we all have a camera built into our telephones now and they are great for snaps, but if you want to study photography or to just have more control over the pictures you take then you will need a ‘proper’ camera.

But even though cameras have now gone digital, they are no less complicated. There are compact cameras with a few additional controls beyond what you can get from your phone, right up to the digital-SLRs used by professionals.

How do you choose what you need based on this myriad of choice?

Going to a shop is the first port of call for most customers and many stores have great in-store advisors ready to help you make a selection, but I’m also interested in how the manufacturers themselves respond to questions and feedback. Think about it, if you were interested in buying a car then you would check the manufacturer’s website and maybe call or email questions directly to them.

Does anyone actually do this to the big camera manufacturers?

It’s an interesting question because phone handset manufacturers have built enormous online resources, such as FAQ videos, but I have yet to see the same within the camera marketplace.

Have you purchased a camera recently and if so did you interact with the manufacturer directly to find information about the product? How was that experience and did you get the information you needed?

Nikon D700 HDR

Photo by Marc licensed under Creative Commons

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2 Responses to Buying a camera – do you question the manufacturers?

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  2. Trenton Rothenburger says:

    DSLRS these days are so great because they have high megapixel counts. ;

    <a href="Our favorite blog

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