How should you engage with customers?

The IBM Institute for business value recently found that executives believe 60-65% of customers follow their brand on social media sites because they want to be part of a community – to engage with the brand.

However the reality is that only 25-30% of customers agree with that perception. The reality is that many customers are following brands hoping to scoop up discounts.

That’s a big disconnect. The team at Corporate Executive Board surveyed over 7,000 consumers and found that what they really want when engaging with brands online is more simplicity. At present a lot of brands seem to think that more videos, more information, more links and photos are all great for customers. Sometimes less is more.

So what do customers really want from a brand on their social media platform?

  • Trust; ensure that whatever you post is correct and trustworthy
  • Learning; ensure that there is genuine information being posted, useful information, not just a sales pitch for your latest product
  • Options; ensure there are various options and guides available, people have choices about what they buy so explain why your product is better

Access to the personal timeline of a consumer inside Facebook is a valuable resource, but it is easy for the consumer to lose patience and to just switch off. If you just unleash a fire hose of sales or useless information then expect former fans to logout fast.

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