Ealing Tweetup is Today!

On the day that the events in the London Olympic games starts, another important event is going to take place in London – the Ealing Tweetup!

This is one of the biggest social media events in London, featuring a wide range of people from many professions, all connected through the use of social networking tools – especially Twitter. This time Teleperformance is supporting the event so we will be there with over 200 bloggers all Tweeting live from the event.

To give you an idea of how popular this event is, consider this:

  • 213 have accepted the invitation via Twitter
  • The event has been shared over 700 times on Twitter
  • The invitation has been viewed 12,405 times!

The important thing for Teleperformance is having access to these social media power users. Most of them are not going to be clients of ours, or even future clients, but they are people using advanced social media tools. That’s useful for us because social media is becoming an important part of how customer service operates – we can innovate and see the future by interacting with people at events like this.

If you are in London tonight then come along and say hello. You can register and find out more about the event here…!

Ealing Tweetup - July 8 2010

Photo by Mark Hillary licensed under Creative Commons


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