London Olympic Games Starts Today

This week sees the Olympic games arrive in London (the football kicks off today) and one of the biggest tests of managing customers, fans, and other parties such as a the media will all swing into action.

Many British people are already disappointed that they could not obtain tickets for Olympic events in the public ballots. In many ways it is encouraging to see that the events were many times oversubscribed, but disappointing that so many customers have been complaining so vocally.

This is the first time the Olympic games has taken place with such open and free availability to social media and so we are bound to see an enormous rise in the number of complaints this year.

Just look at last week when a team bus got lost between the airport and hotel – athletes were immediately on Twitter talking about the chaos as their bus took longer than expected to deliver them to their room. Imagine the complaints of the public as the public transport infrastructure struggles to cope with the enormous amount of people trying to get around London during the games.

We have started out by seeing all the negative things that people have to say using social media. I’m sure that once the games begin there is going to be a lot of positive comments published – about the games and about how Britain is managing the event in general.

London 2012 Olympic medals made by The Royal Mint, Llantrisant / Medalau Llundain 2012 wedi’u cynhyrchu gan y Bathdy Brenhinol, Llantrisant

Photo by Welsh Government licensed under Creative Commons

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