Yet More Evidence to Prove that Service is King

It’s not all about price  – one bad experience is enough to drive customer defection!

New research from has shown that 63.6 per cent of customers would never return to a broadband provider they had experienced problems with. That’s almost two thirds of customers and points to the enormous importance of making sure customer interactions are positive.

Consumers all know that broadband providers sometimes suffer issues and outages. We like to believe that the service is there one hundred per cent of the time, but every company faces an outage from time to time, whether caused by vandalism or the proverbial workman drilling through a cable accidentally.

However, the numbers in this survey show that the customer service provided by the broadband provider is as important – if not more so – than the technical provision of Internet access. Any time that Internet provision is not working, the customer expects help and assurance and if they are not treated well then the majority are ready to leave.

Internet provision is a commoditised service. It can be made stickier by bundling it with other services, like a phone line and TV channels, but ultimately people know that they pay a fixed amount for their access and they don’t usually care who the provider is so the way the provider interacts with them becomes the main differentiator.

Get that customer care wrong and you can be staring at the loss of thousands of customers – no matter how fast your broadband provision is.

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