How do you tell people about your blog?

It is important that every time you blog, you promote the blog. You could be writing the most fascinating articles online on your blog, but if you don’t let people know about them then you will get very few readers.

Your exact strategy for blog promotion will depend on which social networks you are using, but as a general rule these are some actions you should consider:

  • Facebook; ensure the blog link is on the wall of your company page and possibly your personal wall too. Ensure you have searched the existing Facebook groups for any that might be of specific interest to your blog entry and also post a link there.
  • Twitter; post a link to the blog with a short description of what it is about. Be aware that many Twitter users are filtering by topic, so it is important for you to use descriptive keywords so it will be visible to them through their filters. For example, if you have written a blog about the Microsoft Office software suite then make sure the keywords Microsoft and Office are included in your description of the blogpost. On Twitter there is also a convention of adding a hashtag ‘#’ before a word that can be considered a key search term – in this case you might want to describe the blog as ‘Read my blog about issues with #microsoft #office here’
  • LinkedIn; ensure you post the blog link on your own LinkedIn newsfeed, but also cross-post it to relevant discussion groups. You can search the groups for those that are of interest to your business area and join them for future use when adding blogs.

It is important for you to ensure that your blog has a very simple way of helping people to share it. If you don’t offer a simple way of sharing then many people will not bother – they would rarely take a copy of the web address and then start distributing to their own social networks.

The simplest way to do this is with the Add This application available at It can be easily added to blogs in many formats and will add a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn button – plus many others – to your blog page so if a reader likes the blog they can just quickly click a button to share it with their own online friends. AddThis also makes it very easy to add a blog to many LinkedIn discussion groups at the same time – this saves a lot of time!

These steps are simple, but worth following. If you put the effort into blogging then it is worth trying to at least tell people the information is out there.
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