Building a social business

It is clear that companies are going social. It’s no longer possible to restrict social media to the hiring process, or marketing, or customer service – the increased transparency of the social web is meaning that many corporate departments are blending their activities. We have moved on a long way from answering complaints on Twitter.

But how can a company created in the past take on this transparent world of the future? If those departments and verticals are all there and the default position is to ban social media use inside the company then what is the next step?

It is a problem we at Teleperformance are advising on more and more these days as our work on customer service now has to be integrated into the work of many other corporate departments.

So we are hosting an event in London on October 10th titled ‘Building a Social Business’. Featuring input from companies such as BSkyB and Dell as well as academia we are going to explore how our own focus on customer service and social media has given us a front-row seat where we are watching companies re-invent their internal structures because of social media.

It’s going to be a great morning packed full of information with a lunch for networking too so if you want more information, or to register, please go to this website now.

London Capsule


Photo by Doug Wheller licensed under Creative Commons

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