Building your influence online

Social media experts often talk about building online followers and there is an entire industry in ‘buying’ followers that aim to boost your online rankings, but are companies really interested in quality or quantity? I know that here at TP we are more interested in the quality of people who interact with us on the blog and on Twitter – we can’t match Lady Gaga for follower numbers and we don’t want to, but we do like engaging with people in our industry via these channels.

A new survey from Vocus and Duct Tape Marketing that focuses on the small business sector tends to agree with 40 per cent of managers saying they don’t mind having a smaller online following if their followers are people they can engage with.

Almost all organisations using social media use it to push news about their organisation – a full 91 per cent – but it is interesting to note that the survey shows around 75 per cent of companies using the online environment to actively solicit feedback about their products and services. This is an enormous change in the marketing and customer service function for most companies – they are actively engaging with customers rather than waiting to hear complaints as and when it happens.

Surveys such as this reveal that social media use is no longer a nice to have addition to your business strategy – it’s already an essential channel that your customers expect to be there.

Megaphone Man


Photo by Roswitha Siedelberg licensed under Creative Commons

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