The trials of getting a new job today

Getting a job today is harder than ever for many people. The competition is greater and many don’t seem to distance their personal from professional lives when using social media. Is it really still a surprise that a manager Googles the name of candidates coming for interview before they sit in the office answering questions during an interview?

Displaying our lives online can be a benefit professionally, but can also create problems if you have too much information online – those drunken photos from a curry house may live to haunt you forever. A company CEO I know spent a long time trying to remove videos of him drunkenly singing Elvis songs on YouTube – because friends had uploaded the content and when potential customers searched for information on his company they all found images of the boss singing ‘Suspicious Minds.’

Even if you take care to not expose too much personal information online there can still be enormous hurdles. Many companies today still insist on a CV or resume, rather than the more progressive option of accepting something like a LinkedIn profile as a resume.

Many people are just not used to writing about their work history, especially when still early on in their career. Writing a CV can be tough if you have no experience and tough if you have years of experience – what do you leave out?

This article in business magazine Forbes made me laugh though. It details examples of genuine CVs that include people who want the job because they want “to make a lot of dough” or using slang such as LOL throughout their work history.

Soon it will be normal to just release your online profile to a potential employer, but until that time it’s probably best to leave the LOL-speak to online chat – not a job application.

Beast of a Job Interview, after Walter Crane

Photo by Mike Licht licensed under Creative Commons

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