How do you plan your social media strategy?

What is the point of a company using social media today? There are now so many ways for customers to interact, is social media just becoming another customer service channel or can it still be the preserve of the marketing team – using online messages instead of the old ads in print journals?

Without a doubt, you can find new customers using social channels, and also interact with the ones you already have, but the concept of the social business now cuts across many functions. It is worth stepping back from the Facebook fan page to consider the bigger picture of your social strategy.

When formulating your social media strategy it is worth dividing up the various areas of effort so you can also understand how they interact with each other and are sometimes dependent on other factors being in place.

  • Blogging; your blogging will build authority. It gives you a platform to show the world that you understand the industry in which you operate.
  • Social networking; your activity on the social networks helps you to promote your blog and to build a wider audience for the work your company is doing.
  • Job marketplace; specific jobs can be posted using tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook pages can encourage entire communities to apply for new jobs and make enquiries.
  • Customer conversations and experience are already important online and will only become more so.

These are just a few areas worth considering, but think how enormous the challenges of connecting customer service, HR, marketing, and communications can be? This is what we are really talking about with a modern social business – social media is no longer just a tool for promotion of a brand, it is just becoming the way we all do business today.

Customer Service


Photo by Andrew Syiek licensed under Creative Commons

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