Customer service is leading a corporate revolution

We have been running several events over the past year exploring how social media is changing customer service. Our most recent event last Wednesday in London looked at how the entire enterprise is changing because of social media – with every department being impacted and some changing beyond recognition.

But we always try to keep it real at our events – real information and real experience. The events always contain useful information that can be hard to find elsewhere, especially the focus on finding out what real companies are doing in this space.

We were lucky to have Wendy Schratz, Director of e Experience at BskyB, and Giovanni Tavani, Social Media & Communities Senior Manager EMEA at Dell both speaking and giving us their take on how social media is affecting their business.

And the bottom line is that in both companies, this is a revolution extending far beyond the customer service team alone. It’s clear that marketing and customer service are where companies have traditionally seen a use for social media tools, but this is now changing and in many cases departmental boundaries are blurring… customer service is in many ways becoming marketing.

Sales teams are using social tools to manage leads, HR teams are using social tools to find and manage employees, and technology teams are sharing tips and tricks using microblogs. As executives still ponder the value of social media entire companies are changing around us and both Dell and BskyB were great examples of this change – the future with us today.



Photo by Chris Corwin licensed under Creative Commons

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