Blogging as a path to branding excellence

My focus on social media is how companies can integrate the channel into their customer service offering and I am often asked how blogging fits into that area. Blogs don’t generate as much debate as they used to, because all the online discussion has moved to forums such as Twitter, so is there still a need for enterprises to be blogging?

I believe there is, and not just because I am writing a blog here on the Teleperformance UK pages. There are many aspects of blogging that can’t be replicated within social media messages, such as posts on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Platform; a blog with great content and opinion is more like a magazine or newspaper than a sales pitch. It gives you and your organisation a platform to publish your views and to demonstrate knowledge of your sector.
  • SEO; integrate your blog into your website and all that fresh, relevant, content will supercharge your website in the search rankings.
  • Conversation starter; you can start many online conversations with people in your industry using Twitter, but the brevity of a tweet makes it hard to show that you know what you are talking about. Direct that industry influencer to a blog you wrote recently and they are far more likely to interact.

Some organisations remain terrified of being seen to have a team that has an opinion about their own industry. But doesn’t that sound a bit archaic in an age where conversations about your industry are not taking place in newspapers – they are out there right now online and in real-time.

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Photo by Cristina licensed under Creative Commons

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