NOA Awards: Shared service centre of the year…!

I’m delighted that Teleperformance UK won the National Outsourcing Association Award (NOAA) for shared service centre of the year last week. This was particularly special because our client, The Student Loans Company, works with both Teleperformance and RESPONSE to answer calls from student and graduate customers across the UK.

Our Public Sector Director Rachel Robinson mentioned the award in her blog on Friday so I will echo her congratulations to the team, but I want to make an additional comment beyond just celebrating the win itself.

It has been know for many years by people in this industry that outsourcing is about much more than just contracting out services to a supplier. This is especially true in the area of customer service where that phone line or email address may be the only interaction a customer has with the organisation.

In this case, the customer is helping students to finance their studies and getting it right can be the difference between a student being able to shop for their weekly groceries or not. Dealing with finance for people who have often just left home can be full of tension, but our team does a great job – as the NOA has judged during the awards.

What is even more striking about this award is the nature of collaboration that exists in the contract. We don’t control the entire customer service function – it is shared with another supplier and the three organisations need to work together to ensure a seamless service delivery.

It’s a credit to all the teams – from all the companies involved – that national recognition is now being awarded for this programme of work, but we won’t rest on our laurels. We love working with our clients on what will happen next for their business. Trying to predict the future of customer service with customers as young and aware of new trends as university students is a constant exploration of what customers may want next year, not last week.

Students, University of Sydney


Photo by Sydney Uni licensed under Creative Commons

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