How sales professionals succeed with social media

It’s true that social media is now a powerful tool for sales in many business environments so I was interested to see an article in Social Media Today that focused on the most important secrets of those who use social media in a sales environment.

You can take a look here at the original article, but here are a few of my comments on some of the most important areas mentioned:

  • Engage across teams; tools like Yammer have become popular for a reason, because the way we share information outside the organization works. Therefore why don’t we use the same techniques inside the enterprise? In many companies the way people can swap tips, tricks, and pointers is better outside the corporate firewall – that’s not a good place to be so consider how you can use similar tools to Facebook and Twitter, but within the organization so you can share all those comments on clients in a private environment.
  • Profile upkeep; tools like LinkedIn are replacing business cards and CVs, but if the information you have online about yourself is a year out of date (or worse) then it looks bad internally as well as to potential clients.
  • Don’t just sell products; we all know that the hard sell rarely works so why would anyone think that it should work within a social environment? An information led approach works far better than just bombarding social networks with ads imploring people to come and buy your products.

sale Meddens


Photo by Gerard Stolk licensed under Creative Commons

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