Customers really don’t want to be ignored

Which channel do you prefer to use when accessing a company customer service centre? Most of us are familiar with a call to the free phone number or an email address like, but a lot of our focus at Teleperformance in the past year has been around the newer social channels.

Customers may post a note on a Facebook page or on Twitter and hope for a response. One of the differences between this behaviour one year ago and today is that the customer attitude has changed. A year back, there are often delight when a Twitter comment was answered by a brand – people would tell all their friends how they were helped by a company on Twitter.

Now it’s just expected.

Answering customers in online social environments such as Facebook and Twitter is not just a cool addition to your customer service channels – it’s something that you need. If customers are asking about your services online and are not being answered then the consensus today is that you are ignoring them.

And why wouldn’t this be the case? Listen to every TV or radio show today. They expect interaction with their public via social networks. Check out any artist online and they are interacting with their fans via social networks. People of all ages and demographic groups are getting used to this.

So you might be selling gloves or soft drinks or plumbing expertise – it could be any product or service – but if you are not listening and interacting with customers online then they will start deserting you.



Photo by Daniel Kulinski licensed under Creative Commons

About Andrew Ashton

C.F.O. of Teleperformance UK, Ireland, South Africa
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