More than half of US consumers are using social customer care

I recently found a research paper online focused on the state of social customer care. Published by NM Incite, the analysis explores a full range of issues raised by social customer service – or ‘social care’ as the report puts it.

The data in the report represents a representative group of 2000 U.S. social media users over the age of 18 using Nielsen’s online panel and was conducted in July this year, so it is recent and this is important in such a fast-moving area of business.

You can view the report for yourself by clicking here, but I’d like to mention and summarize some of the key findings around the age of people using social customer service that I found interesting:

Data from NM Insight report

Take a look at this graph. It is showing the percentage of people (in the USA) who have used social media as a customer service channel, broken down by age group and by gender.

Gender doesn’t seem to be significant. Even the largest differences are no more than 2-3% between men and women. And as might be expected, more young people are using social media as a customer service channel.

But what stands out for me are the actual percentages. 60% of young females (under 24) have used social customer care. In fact, for both men and women the figure is always above 50% until you go to the above 45 year olds. So for American consumers below 45, more than half have used social media when they needed customer service.

That’s astonishing and shows how far social care has gone in the past couple of years, but then take a lot at the other extreme, the over 65s. Men at 33% and women at 29% in this age group show that even in this older age group a third of consumers have used social media to contact customer service.

Soon, even the older age group won’t consider this a strange way to reach out for customer care. Are you ready for all of your customers to be doing this?

Universal Silver Surfer


Photo by JD Hancock licensed under Creative Commons

Note: the figure used in this blog is the property of NM Incite. Read their full report by following this link.

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